chocolate petoskey

chocolate petoskey

When I was growing up, we vacationed at different Michigan state parks each year. One summer we stayed near Petoskey, and from there we learned about Petoskey rocks. They’re a fossilized coral, and they look a lot like this gourmet cinnamon pepper chocolate that met a hot day.

August 27, 2009. druid labs pnw

hair envy

hair envy

When I was in junior high shop class we learned how to use a micrometer by measuring the thickness of our hair. Mine was the thinnest in the class, to which the teacher said, “Carroll, you have baby hair!”

(It wasn’t quite up there with Hey, Coach, Don’t Call Me A Queer, but still.)

This fellow was in front of us on the trail at Hurricane Ridge and even from a distance his hair stood out. The black shirt helped; I wonder if he chooses only dark colors?

July 4, 2008. Hurricane Ridge, WA.

hiding from the man

hiding from the man

Kitzel pretends to be owned by our friends John and Linda. As you can see, he’s not the friendliest or most outgoing cat. I snuck the camera up behind a basement curtain and got this shot before he headed off for somewhere a bit less occupied.

November 5, 2006. Westmont, IL.

there’s a storm a’comin’ in

there's a storm a'comin' in

I’ve had several “fifteen minutes of fame” in my life. I got interviewed on TV in the mid 70’s for a euchre marathon, and a couple of times in the 80’s for flying kites (amazing how quickly a correspondent will show up if you’re lying on a beach flying a kite!). And I’ve been in newspapers a couple of times – for winning a science fair and for flying kites at the Washington State International Kite Festival.

Earlier this summer we were in Powell, Wyoming, visiting some friends, when a thunderstorm came through. This is the storm front as it was approaching the city. Our friends submitted it to the Powell Tribune – and it was published!

This is a 6-shot panorama that I stitched together in Photoshop Elements (yeah, I gave the wrong info to the Tribune).  A larger image is here and an immense one here.

July 6, 2009. Powell, WY.

day sleeper

day sleeper

Perhaps in a testament to the number of stupid movies I’ve watched on Comedy Central over the years, the first thing I thought when I saw this was, “Yo, stoner! The towel goes on the bottom!” But no, prosaicness1 wins out. Just a day sleeper blocking the door lights.

1It’s a word. Honest.

June 27, 2009. A random apartment in California.