trumpeting spring

trumpeting spring

And being rather in-your-face about it, too. These are on an early-blooming rhododendron in a neighbor’s yard.

February 28, 2010. druid labs pnw.


it’s coconut layer cake day!

it's coconut layer cake day!

it's coconut layer cake day!

The actual date of Coconut Layer Cake Day tends to wobble a bit, but it’s usually around this time of year.

I (yes, I!) make the cake using a recipe from Cooks Illustrated. It includes coconut extract and creme of coconut in both the cake and the butter cream icing, and toasted coconut pressed into the icing all around.

The stand mixer gets used, washed, and used again. So do various measuring devices. Five and a half sticks of butter get cut into eighths. Nine eggs get separated. A double boiler is involved. Cake flour gets sifted. (Cake flour? Sifting?) A lot of tools get used [Tim Allen snorts here…].

Each year I tell BlueHeronDruid that she’s lucky I never remember how long it takes to put together!

But the truth is I like doing it for her. Shh. It’s a secret.

February 27, 2010. druid labs pnw.

rush hour on the dew line

rush hour on the dew line

These were condensed from a light misting rain. The large drop in the “Y” of the branch is about a half inch across.

February 15, 2010. druid labs pnw.


rode hard and put away wet

rode hard and put away wet

When the druid labs AD, BlueHeronDruid, says that maybe something would be a good photo, you betcha I take a photo. She beats me otherwise. With wooden spoons.

February 23, 2010. druid labs pnw.


the two-man dock toss

the two-man dock toss

Because… Olympics?

December 25, 2006. Kala Point, Pete Townsend, Washington.


brake light on the wa-20

brakelight on the wa-20

And the slow-driving Neanderthal in the foot-pedaled go-kart in front of him was making sure he wasn’t driving too fast. Or maybe it was some residual East Coast driving attitude…

August 17, 2009. Somewhere on Highway 20, Washington.


i don’t want to know

i don't want to know

But I’m happy to post the photo and let you think about it…

August 25, 2006. On board the Vashon Island ferry, Puget Sound, Washington.