biān pào dragon

biān pào dragon

The biān pào dragon arrives just in time for the U.S. Independence Day celebration!

June 28, 2010. druid labs pnw.


fixing the eye

fixing the eye

Earlier today I read a Yahoo/AP news item reporting the successful use of stem cells to regrow human corneas after they’ve been destroyed by chemical burns. Pretty cool stuff, very science fiction.

Later I came across an old photo recently posted online by a friend. As you can see in the top image, the one eye is pretty well gone because of various indignities the print suffered over time. This is my attempt to fix it.

I first removed a few of the larger flaws, and heavily processed the image for noise and speckles (probably too much!).

Then I copied the left eye’s iris, reversed it left-to-right, moved it to the right eye, and finagled the size and shape to fit the space. I pushed the white in the right eye’s up a bit in intensity and down a bit in contrast, to make it match the left. I also bumped the color saturation up and color intensity down to help the two irides* match.

Next I selected a circle around each pupil and filled it with black, to recover some of the shape they lost because of the noise processing. And finally I restored some of the key lights, also lost by noise processing.

The results are OK for a novice, I guess, and in the full photo context it’s not too bad. But, the pupil shapes and sizes aren’t quite correct, and I lost a bit of the white sclera at the bottom of each eye. I also lost some of the lighter shading around the pupils. The pupils themselves should probably not be true black, instead maybe a bit lighter. The key lights are off as well; I tried to match the right eye to the left using the original photo but I didn’t like the result. So I faked them both.

*The official plural of iris. Go figure.

June 23, 2010. Photo “borrowed” from Flickr, edited with Photoshop Elements 6.