Heading down the road, nice ‘n’ easy, fresh sun, bein’ cool. Yep, gonna be a beautiful day!

Need to find a new barber, tho…

June 15, 2008. druid labs pnw.


you don’t see me

you don't see me

Zachary forgot to turn on his inviso-shield.

March 20, 2010. Kala Point, Pete Townsend, Washington.

aliens under the ongoing moon

aliens under the ongoing moon

The never-ending moonlight had Xyven twitching to be off this FSM-forsaken water hell and headed for… well, who cared as long as it was away?

The large drop is probably three-eighths of an inch across, and is imaging the branches of the tree in which it’s hanging.

February 15, 2010. druid labs pnw.

chocolate absinthe

chocolate absinthe

Sammy shouldn’t have had those last 4 absinthe and chocolate vodka shots. In addition to the fuzz balls threatening his head, the fact that his skin was turning green made it pretty clear it that it was going to be a long night. And maybe a long week.

This is a newly opened chocolate lily, not yet browned up.

May 4, 2008. Kala Point, Pete Townsend, Washington.