leaving seattle

leaving seattle

On the far left are the Pier 86 grain silos. Mid-left is the Space Needle. In the middle is the city itself. The white arches on the mid-right are Qwest Field; the dark arches farther right are Safeco Field. The red cranes on the right are various terminals along Alaskan Way, ending up with Harbor Island.

This is a six-shot panorama, handheld, taken from the stern of the MV Tacoma about a fourth of the way to Bainbridge Island. The distortion is a combination of shooting wide angle (27mm equivalent) and parallax because of a single shooting position. I tried fixing it in Photoshop Elements, but it just got worse.

Direct link to the massive image here.

August 29, 2010. On board the MV Tacoma, Puget Sound, Washington.

hanging on

hanging on

I noticed this little paper wasp out the window this morning.  You can see one of his wings is damaged and combined with the cool temperature (55°F) he moved slowly enough that I could take a few photos. He’s about a half inch long.

August 28, 2010. druid labs pnw.

glossy lava

Glossy lava

According to the National Park Service:

[…] highly gas-charged molten rock cools and solidifies during flight and rains down to form cinder cones. If you look closely at cinders you will see that they are laced with gas holes and resemble a sponge.

The shiny parts are magma that has fused into glass, perhaps with some traces of metals.

I found this lava chunk as I was hiking up Inferno Cone. It was very light weight because of all the bubble cavities.

August 6, 2010. Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho.