This is a white-crowned sparrow, suspicious that the camera will steal not his soul, but his meal.

May 30, 2012. Kala Point, Pete Townsend, Washington.




There’s a scene in Lee Blessing’s play Chesapeake where the protagonist, now living as a dog, first learns the pleasure of being petted. He arches his head, coherent thought oozing away, ecstasy firing everywhere.

September 22, 2012. Kala Point, Pete Townsend, Washington.

anna’s hummingbirds

immature male anna's hummingbird

female anna's hummingbird

In our previous house, just a half mile from this one, we never saw hummingbirds later than about mid-July. In this house we’re still feeding them two months later. It turns out there are two species common in this area: rufous and Anna’s.

Rufous hummingbirds migrate through Washington, and those are primarily what we were seeing in the summer.

According to Wikipedia, “Anna’s hummingbirds are the only hummingbirds to spend the winter in northern climates”, and the Seattle Audubon Society reports that they are permanent in the Puget Sound area.

I think we’ll be keeping the feeders up for a long time…

October 1, 2012. druid labs baycliff.