the naughty muffin

the naughty muffin

Today’s omigod-those-bananas-are-almost-rotten what-can-we-bake muffins are brought to you by Transatlantic’s Bridge Across Forever, rediscovered while rebuilding the labs’ music library server.

Yeah, it’s naughty on many levels. I blame prog rock.

July 31, 2011. druid labs pnw.


drumming for the sun

drumming for the sun

Swaying under the influence of powerful psychotropics, the Aeolian priest and his acolytes pay homage to the ancestral spirits.

July 2, 2011. druid labs pnw.

axel bats clean up

axel bats clean up

you wanted that cleaned up, right?

all clean

Our elderly dog, Inti, gets a mix of wet and dry dog food at each meal, and always leaves little bits in her bowl. Axel has learned to wait patiently until she leaves, then stroll in for a tasty snack.

July 10, 2011. druid labs pnw.

the shell muffin

the shell muffin

Today’s muffins, brought to you by The Bobs’ Coaster, did not turn out well. They’re filled with a delicious apricot-rhubarb preserve from our friends Anna and Kevin, and they’re pretty enough on the outside. But in that region between the outer crust and the inner core lies a chewy and tough land waiting to ensnare our heroic divorced at-odds scientists discovering that they still love… Sorry, bad SyFy movie last night.

Anyway, the dough ended up very dry and I overworked it trying to make it better.

But the preserves? Absolutely rad.

July 10, 2011. druid labs pnw.

not a good time

not a good time

It seems every 10 years or so we lose a hard drive at the labs. This time it was the network drive, a pair of disks in a RAID0 configuration. Do we have a backup? Kinda. At least 8 months of photos are gone, as are hundreds of MP3s recently ripped from cassette tapes.

One disk is dead, not recognized by the desktop PC boot sequence; the other is reported to have no data by both Windows and Linux. So now the “good” drive gets mounted in the desktop PC, the forensics software comes out to scan it, and I start scrabbling all the backups I can find. Whee.

Are there lessons here? Yeah. Backups. Sadly, been there, not done that.

Click the image for the Flickr page and some notes on what’s what in the photo.

July 9, 2011. druid labs pnw.

lemming muffins

lemming muffins

Today’s maple cinnamon brown rice mini-muffins are brought to you by Jeff Lang’s Cedar Grove – which has absolutely no connection to muffins leaping to their consumption in someone’s mouth, but what the heck…

July 3, 2011. druid labs pnw.