gypsy coffeehouse

gypsy coffeehouse

Just one little sip of this brew, my ladies, and hubby will do the dishes all month long.

July 11, 2009. PT Farmers Market, Uptown, Pete Townsend, Washington.


kustoms’ kalling on the kommodore

kustoms' kalling on the kommodore

Jack Daniels, Kourse Kommander and Earl of Bitt, gets his float test chit.

One of the Pete Townsend Kinetic Skulpture Race legs is a water course along the Downtown shore, and so every conveyance must float. One of the Race safety checks requires contestants to get out to a judges’ boat in the water, where they receive a badge clearing them for that part of the course.

I love the PFD (Pooch Flotation Device) on the dog! And thanks to whymcycles for the id.

October 7, 2006. Kinetic Skulpture Race safety checks, Pete Townsend, Washington.