welcoming the morning

welcoming the morning

I heard him through the dining room windows, and tracked him down to the bushes along the side of the yard. This is a white-crowned sparrow.

April 30, 2011. druid labs pnw.


what color will it be?

what color will it be?

This tulip first appeared on the center hillock three years ago. No one admits to planting it. It’s never survived the deer long enough to flower, until this year. Now the question is, what color? It looks white, but has some hints of blue. We won’t know for sure for several more days, and I don’t want to wait: like Veruca Salt, I want it now.

April 29, 2011. druid labs pnw.

transient anonymous art

transient anonymous art

A band of itinerant artists travels from parking lot to parking lot constructing temporary, surprise works of art. Their manifesto is making art that leads the common man to know that even in the face of his belief otherwise that he can create beauty. “No Artist Left Behind!” is their rallying cry.

Or perhaps a child forgot to take her beach booty.

April 28, 2011. Kala Point, Pete Townsend, Washington.

little bitty paper mill

little bitty paper mill

That tiny white plume is the Port Townsend Paper Mill. Although it’s a bit over 2.5 miles from where I took the photo, the mill isn’t really that small in person – it appears that way in this image because I used a wide camera angle┬╣. Which also explains the weird-looking dock pilings.

┬╣28mm in 35mm equivalent.

April 24, 2011. Kala Point, Pete Townsend, Washington.