still life with lethargic cat

still life with lethargic cat

Ah, sweet warmth, to ease the day’s cares. Axel has discovered the pleasure of the fire.

October 29, 2009. druid labs pnw


happy halloween

happy halloween

One of BlueHeronDruid’s and my first dates was a Halloween party thrown by a co-worker at ADR. She went as The Luggage and I, in a last-minute spasm of weird brain chems, went as Tinker Bell The Wonder Warthog. What you’re not seeing is the remainder of the costume: black patterned pantyhose, fairy wings, and pink fuzzy slippers with pig’s faces. And the bag of sparkly sprinkles.

Yeah. No clue here, either.

The cooler on the fridge? We “didn’t” bring that. It was almost full of Magic Margaritas – well, at least when we “didn’t” bring it to the party. That’s not beer in the cups.

The contents of the cooler didn’t last long once it was discovered. Its rapid depletion, along with quite a few other alcohols, led to several folk testing the myth that you can explode a tomato in a microwave. They couldn’t. But they found out that zapping one for 45 minutes seriously bakes it into the microwave’s floor. It was felt best if Lindsey, the host, wasn’t informed.

October 1989. Lindsey’s Halloween party, Titusville, New Jersey.

the banded galaxy

the banded galaxy

Deep within the pyramid lies the Banded Galaxy, remnants of incredibly ancient stars gone nova, bam, bam, bam, a grape bunch of firecrackers lit by the adolescent gods; moons, planets, stars all dust now billowing, blossoming amidst the fleeing bubble clusters. The Hand of whichever Creator was then currently ascendant, casually tossing a die, skip skip into the dusted ooze.

Detail of a pyramid glass sculpture by Henner Schröder, Vitroglyph.

October 27, 2009. druid labs pnw

black ops

black ops

Thwump. Thwump. Thwump. Am I so out of shape that walking up Mount Shasta is causing a heart attack?

I could feel this chopper coming before I could see it. It was turbo loud and the sound was amplified by Mount Shasta’s Ski Bowl. The chopper appeared over one ridge – perhaps from the ski area on the other side of the mountain – and disappeared over another.

Near as I can tell, it was gray, not black. Maybe.

October 8, 2009. Mount Shasta, California.