wild grass seed heads

wild grass seed heads

Worried that your intimacy isn’t… fresh? Grasseed Body Wash and Gargle refreshes the outer – and inner – you. Available in Domestic and Wild varieties, plus a special Allergy mix for an extra close experience with your intimate someone.

June 25, 2006. Kala Point, Pete Townsend, Washington.


zombie control cats

zombie control cats

“You will ignore the dog. You hear only our voice. You obey our voice. All your cookies belong to us. Only us.”

“And the tuna, yeah, yeah, the tuna. Oh, and those yummy little treat things.”

“Yeah, yeah, those are ours, too.”

“You hear only our voice. You obey our voice. Obey.”

December 26, 2009. druid labs pnw.

doppler shifts

fall seed heads

“And now, here’s an overhead view of some of the floats in Pollenwood Falls’ annual Dead Seed Head Festival parade.”

“That’s right, Tiffany. It really shows off the traditional festival colors, brown.”

“It certainly does, Barry. These floats are flaunting it!”

“Ho-ho, Tiffany! And with that, let’s take a break for some words from our sponsors.”

October 25, 2008. Kala Point, Pete Townsend, Washington.