bad lipstick

bad lipstick

Dorothy decided this was the last time she would ever let her older sister play dress-up with her.

October 12, 2009. Dry Lagoon State Park, Trinidad, California.


full bore

full bore

I’d never been near a big dam before I walked across Shasta, but of course I’ve seen a lot of photos and videos over my [cough] decades. When I saw this discharging water, pretty much every image I’d ever seen flickered through my head. Almost to the point of caricature: dam discharge == pulsing white water.

Here’s my contribution to the stereotype.

October 9, 2009. Shasta Dam, California.

at the throne of ├Žolus

at the throne of aeolus

The legend had foretold, and it had occurred as prophesied: amid the drab appeared the earthly incarnation of the god’s throne. Through it could be seen the flickering colors of the winds, flowing from the heavens in ribbon’d streams.

Only those who feel the breath on their cheek, and know what it whispers, may pass here. The others must seek a different door.

November 2, 2006. Linda’s guest bathroom, Westmont, IL.