swimming in art

swimming in art

After looking over Stuart Allen’s Flying Silk, and Sandra Yocum’s White Foam III, two of St. Pete’s Dancing Marlins head over to check out Lois Lancaster’s In the Realm of the Spirits.

July 15, 2012. druid labs baycliff.


ready for the onslaught

ready for the onslaught

In less than a week – not yet two months gone here at druid labs baycliff – a large number of kids and adults will be descending upon us for a short week/long weekend. What were we thinking??

We were thinking about all the pleasure and joy we get when friends visit. With a large amount of the famous JrzyTmata salsa, a kitchen we don’t mind trashing, and Radio Paradise all around as lagniappes.

(It also made us get off our duffs and unpack a lot of stuff.)

July 12, 2012. druid labs baycliff.



Tucked under the copse trees, and wriggling its way through the understory, this honeysuckle vine is one of the flowers welcoming summer.

July 8, 2012. Kala Point, Pete Townsend, Washington.