feelin’ stabby

feelin' stabby

The little-heralded band The Buffalo Muttons Siblings was briefly unknown in the late 60’s as a rip-off of both The Cowsills and The Partridge Family. Driven by their money-hungry father, they recorded and released at least one single a week – all of which sank quickly past the bargain to the trash bin. After years of their dad’s crappy songwriting, the kids secretly wrote and recorded a protest song, Feelin’ Stabby. Sadly, he discovered and destroyed the tapes before they could be released. Afterward, he forced the family to record Simon and Garfunkel’s similarly-named song, which scored him a chart hit and record company bonuses. His kids got some extra TV time.

November 5, 2011. Kala Point, Pete Townsend, Washington.


the workflow goes too far

ego card

watching [unedited]

watching [full edit]

I put together this “ego card” for the Sixth Kala Point Photo Exhibit, using MS Project and the photo in the middle1. As you can see, it’s dark and dingy, so I used Publisher’s simple editing tools to lighten it and bump the contrast. The contrast push made the noise more obvious, but this is a 4×6 print on inexpensive paper so it’s tolerable.

When I was done, I decided to run the original image through my normal workflow and ended up with the bottom image. The noise processing is impressive, except that it loses all of the brush-strokes in the paint and makes the photo feel sterile2. Pushing towards perfection isn’t always a good idea.

1This is a detail of a Japanese kite, similar to this one.
2Serious Artist Critique.

March 4, 2006. Fort Worden Kitemakers Retreat, Pete Townsend, Washington.

spock mentals the alien

spock mentals the alien

The tin-foil hat both protects his brain from attack and focuses his mental energy through his eyes. Here he’s fighting off a confetti monster from Sirkis IV that’s siphoning data from the ship’s network.

October 1, 2011. Kinetic Skulpture Race Parade, Pete Townsend, Washington.

crossing the snake pit

crossing the snake pit

“Maybe I shoulda left that rotten orange alone,” muttered Bruce. “Haven’t seen snakes this bad since the Pi Upsilon Kappa Eta¹ days.”

¹Yeah, it’s infantile. Frat-like, you could say.

August 7, 2011. Barbara’s garden, Chimacum, Washington.