baby it’s cold outside

baby it's cold outside

This is one of several Anna’s hummingbirds pounding on the back feeder during the snow/rain today. By the end of the day the nectar level had dropped to half of what you see here. Gotta stoke up for the night’s torpor!

December 19, 2012. druid labs baycliff.


anna’s hummingbirds

immature male anna's hummingbird

female anna's hummingbird

In our previous house, just a half mile from this one, we never saw hummingbirds later than about mid-July. In this house we’re still feeding them two months later. It turns out there are two species common in this area: rufous and Anna’s.

Rufous hummingbirds migrate through Washington, and those are primarily what we were seeing in the summer.

According to Wikipedia, “Anna’s hummingbirds are the only hummingbirds to spend the winter in northern climates”, and the Seattle Audubon Society reports that they are permanent in the Puget Sound area.

I think we’ll be keeping the feeders up for a long time…

October 1, 2012. druid labs baycliff.

mom chows down

A female rufous hummingbird spends some time at one of the druid labs pnw feeders. Kinda draggy in the middle third; more interesting on the ends.

Look for very quick head movements several times during the movie – I think she’s going after insects.

June 16, 2011. druid labs pnw.

mama q’ente

mama q'ente

I was coming in from working in the yard this evening and I saw Mlle. Hummingbird on her nest. A quick grab of the camera and a long zoom lets us peek in without bothering her too much.

June 7, 2011. druid labs pnw.

hummingbird nest

hummingbird nest

We have a Rufous hummingbird nest! How cool is that? This is in a group of Oregon grape along the back of the house. You can see the spider webs, lichens, feathery mosses, and plant down that make up the nest.

Another egg was laid since I took this photo. In three weeks or so we should see some babies.

Gotta be sure to keep the feeders full; momma’s gonna be hungry.

This is a very tight crop of the original image – I didn’t really get this close to the nest. As soon as I saw the egg I took the shot and backed away.

May 26, 2011. druid labs pnw.