the workflow goes too far

ego card

watching [unedited]

watching [full edit]

I put together this “ego card” for the Sixth Kala Point Photo Exhibit, using MS Project and the photo in the middle1. As you can see, it’s dark and dingy, so I used Publisher’s simple editing tools to lighten it and bump the contrast. The contrast push made the noise more obvious, but this is a 4×6 print on inexpensive paper so it’s tolerable.

When I was done, I decided to run the original image through my normal workflow and ended up with the bottom image. The noise processing is impressive, except that it loses all of the brush-strokes in the paint and makes the photo feel sterile2. Pushing towards perfection isn’t always a good idea.

1This is a detail of a Japanese kite, similar to this one.
2Serious Artist Critique.

March 4, 2006. Fort Worden Kitemakers Retreat, Pete Townsend, Washington.


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