not a good time

not a good time

It seems every 10 years or so we lose a hard drive at the labs. This time it was the network drive, a pair of disks in a RAID0 configuration. Do we have a backup? Kinda. At least 8 months of photos are gone, as are hundreds of MP3s recently ripped from cassette tapes.

One disk is dead, not recognized by the desktop PC boot sequence; the other is reported to have no data by both Windows and Linux. So now the “good” drive gets mounted in the desktop PC, the forensics software comes out to scan it, and I start scrabbling all the backups I can find. Whee.

Are there lessons here? Yeah. Backups. Sadly, been there, not done that.

Click the image for the Flickr page and some notes on what’s what in the photo.

July 9, 2011. druid labs pnw.


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