nisqually glacier panorama

Nisqually Glacier panorama

I recently gave a talk about panoramas to our local photography club, and mentioned that obviously you’re not limited to only a horizontal or vertical image – you can do both. Afterwards I remembered this collection of photos I took on Mount Ranier back in 2006, and resurrected them into a new panorama. There are ten separate shots here, and they’re all over the place as far as exposure is concerned. But the latest version of Photoshop Elements has impressively improved how it blends everything together.

A group of us hiked one of the side trails from the Paradise visitor center, then veered off a bit further to this vantage point. The glacier in the background makes it seem cool-ish, but it was at least 95F and we were sucking water down like nobody’s biz. Still, it was a great day and a great view.

Immense image here [2047x823px , 348K].

July 23, 2006. Mount Ranier, Washington.


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