the sea titans battle

the sea titans battle

Legends start some place. This one started after Armegi borrowed Theseus’s boat. And promptly lost it to the rocks and surf – and incompetent sailing.

O, Theseus, it is a miracle I stand before you!

I was fishing in your most excellent boat, the best boat on the coast, when suddenly, O! There arose a giant sea turtle, larger than even the temple buildings, thrashing and tossing with grievous wounds, waves flowing off his back. And O, was your stout boat tossed to and fro, but held firm and true, and weathered the beast’s enragement.

With haste I bore directly away from the monster, but A! Drawn by the turtle’s struggles, appeared a great whale, enemy to turtle.

Under the sea’s top the ground shook as the beasts battled: back and forth, churning even greater waves. Until at last even such a boat as yours, strongest and truest in the land, could not stand against the waters’ furies, and fell beneath the anger’d waves.

Clung to a spar, I hid from the storm about me, and found my way to a haven cave on the beach. From there I prayed to Poseidon: ‘O great Lord, spare our villages from the fury’d waves and the beasts who beget them.’

And Poseidon, with his great and terrible powers, froze the beasts as they were, no more to threaten our wives and children.

But such gods’ gifts are never without cost, and when Poseidon saw your boat, the finest made in all the world, he took it as his own.

March 9, 2010. Ruby Beach, Washington.


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