sunspot #1

sun spot #2

Surely there’s a legend somewhere about the energy channels between purple coneflowers and our sun.

My tribe! Listen to my vision.

The universe was created by the Dark Lord in his image, lightless and vast. But Law – older than even he – requires that there must always be Balance. He was compelled to create Light, and he begrudgingly birthed the Sun.

Worlds flourished under its glow, and the People were born. Light grew their crops and warmed their faces. Darkness held fatal terrors – wild spirits ready to devour any who ventured into the gloom. The People venerated Light, praised the Sun, and avoided Dark.

As the aeons wore on, the Dark Lord grew increasingly jealous. He cursed the Sun with pestilence, then created the coneflower as a warning to the People:

All began with Darkness, and all will return with it.

July 30, 2006. druid labs pnw


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