their forbidden love… carpet?

their forbidden love... carpet?

Whenever I import photos into PS Elements I tag the ones that might be interesting enough to post in this blog. Sometimes I’ll have an idea for a title or a note and I’ll save it with the photo. If I decide at some point to post it I’ll have a head start on writing the entry.

Except for this one. “their forbidden love”, yeah, I get that one. But “carpet?”?1 Huh? The doomed lovers are escaping on a flying carpet with the girl’s twin sister? Flying over the ocean? Where they sink in a storm? And the girl dies? But her devoted (and insane) twin sister takes her place and tells the young boy that it was the “other one” who died?

Okay, sure, that’ll work.

1There’s an English teacher someplace who’s going to twitch at this, I’m sure.

October 31, 2009. druid labs pnw


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