the fire drill

the fire drill

So, I’m sitting in my car on the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry. We’ve been under way for 10 minutes or so, and I hear a set of bells, followed by a set of whistle blasts, and then some garbled announcement over the PA system. Shortly after that all these people showed up at the ferry’s stern and sprayed water over the side. Since no one was running around – and there wasn’t any screaming – I guess it was a drill.

This post is actually an experiment. I’m on a solo drive to California for a retreat weekend (with a side trip to Byrnie Utz in Seattle to buy a new knock-about hat). I have my camera and a Dell Mini 9 netbook running Ubuntu Netbook Remix. No mouse. I loaded the photo into F-Spot and brightened it, with a bit of contrast bump (no Gimp; the 4G SSD doesn’t have a lot of space left). Then exported the photo to Flickr – which F-Spot integrated with very nicely. And finally wrote this post.

On the whole, and to steal a line from one of Harry Chapin’s brothers, “Harry, it sucked.” The Mini 9 is painfully underpowered, the 9″ screen is chopped up into various windows by F-Spot leaving a small working image, the Mini’s touchpad is less than 2″ wide, and the keyboard was designed by a cretinous bastard son of the Marquis de Sade.

So, no more posts until I get back late next week. And can use the graphics tablet, full size keyboard, Intel multicore, and big monitor. Sorry, Angela! (And shouldn’t you be taking photos? Hmm?)

(Have I dropped enough geek phrases yet?)

October 7, 2009. Bainbridge-Seattle Ferry, Puget Sound, WA.


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